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  • CVE-2023-34362: SQLi Zero Day Vulnerability in MOVEit Transfer exploited in the wild 

  • Attack Vector vs Attack Surface vs Attack Path (Interaction & Differences)

  • Reduced Attack Surface: How to Reduce Your Attack Surface (and Why It Matters)

  • IONIX Wins 2023 Gold Globee® Award for Best Security Software

  • IONIX Wins Cutting Edge Attack Surface Management Award in 11th Annual Global InfoSec Awards at #RSAC 2023

  • EASM vs DRPS: Key Differences & Why You Should to Care

  • Spinning a New Web of Cybersecurity: How Spider Webs Could Revolutionize Attack Surface Management.

  • Cyberpion is Now IONIX: Redefining Attack Surface Management with the Widest Coverage and Sharpest Focus 

  • Security Control Types for Attack Surface Reduction 

  • External Attack Surface Management Market Size: An Overview

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