IONIX redefines attack surface management

Widest Coverage Sharpest Focus

Using Connective Intelligence, IONIX keeps you laser focused on the exploitable risks across your real attack surface – and its digital supply chain.

Reducing risk requires
laser focus

Your attack surface is complex. Securing it is even more complex – especially when attackers can easily exploit your organization through exposed digital supply chain connections propagated via HTML links, scripts, and chains of DNS records.

That’s why IONIX’s patented technology is built to help you see everything that matters, so you can focus on what matters most.


Discover your real attack

Gain complete visibility into all of your organization’s
exposed assets and risky connections.

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Expose risks across assets
and connections

Dynamically monitor risks across your entire inventory of digital assets and connections.

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risk prioritization

Prioritize what matters most

Focus on what needs to be addressed today – based on blast radius, exploitability, and threat intelligence.

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proactive threat prevention

Remediate more threats, faster

Accelerate risk resolution with clear action items and integrated workflows across teams.

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Automate Prevention For Risky Connections

Secure your digital supply chain from the biggest threats with IONIX Active Protection – automatically preventing attacks before they happen.

attack surface management.

Struggling with blind spots and alert fatigue?

The modern attack surface and its digital supply chain is expanding. As it grows, so does your risk. See how IONIX goes further to secure your real attack surface.

Reduce attack surface

Gain visibility into your real attack surface – and the tools to systematically control and reduce attack surface sprawl.

control subsidiaries' cyber risk

Control subsidiary cyber risk

Discover and expose the attack surface and digital supply chain risks for every subsidiary – empower local teams to improve their security posture.

manage M&A cyber risk

Manage M&A cyber risk

Evaluate cyber risk of M&A candidates – and proactively manage due diligence and integrations to control threat exposure.

improve security posture

Improve security posture

Identify and close security gaps across hybrid IT environments – with proactive risk prevention.

Secure cloud operations

Expose risk across public cloud platforms – understand what matters – and accelerate remediation with focus.