Risk Prioritization

Focus on the risks that matter most

Stay laser focused on the most urgent and exploitable risks to your business with IONIX’s prioritization framework.


Datasheet: IONIX Attack Surface Management

Product Highlights


Map the blast radius

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on immediate impact to your business.

Prioritize exploitable risks

Focus on exploitable threats requiring immediate remediation.

Apply threat intelligence

Monitor and correlate deep and dark web findings.

Asset Importance

Map the blast radius

IONIX dynamically prioritizes threats based on the potential damage to your business across four dimensions:

  • Asset sensitivity
    The likelihood of sensitive data access.
  • Business context
    The domain’s relevance to the organization’s revenue-generating activities.
  • Brand reputation
    The potential of damage to the organization’s reputation.
  • Dependencies
    The impact on operations due to connections and dependencies.
Exploitability Validation

Prioritize exploitable risks

IONIX’s risk-based prioritization draws not just on CVE critical vulnerabilities – but on a constantly-updating record of documented exploits. Immediately exploitable vulnerabilities (dangling DNS records, exposed storage, cross-site scripting risks, weak/no password) are prioritized for instant remediation.

Deep Dark Web Monitoring

Integrate threat intelligence

Digital Risk Protection Service (DPRS) capabilities ensure that leakage of sensitive data is immediately mapped back to the relevant asset across your attack surface. It is also integrated into IONIX’s prioritization of critical items.