Reduce attack surface

The roadmap to reducing
your attack surface

Gain visibility into your real attack surface – and the tools to systematically control and reduce attack surface sprawl from initiatives like cloud migration,
digital transformation, and M&A.


Datasheet: IONIX Attack Surface Management

Risk mitigation

Go on the offensive preventing attacks before they happen

SaaS, cloud services, and API adoption have made organization’s attack surfaces more complex – and the associated risks more difficult to discover and manage – than ever. Your connected digital supply chain compounds the risk, since attackers don’t differentiate between internet-facing assets you own, and their sprawling web of 3rd-, 4th-, and nth-degree dependencies and connections.

Using Connection Intelligence, IONIX’s discovery engine maps your real attack surface and its digital supply chains. And IONIX enables security teams to go on the offensive – evaluating every asset in context, recursively scanning the digital supply chain, and applying multi-layered prioritization so that teams can proactively block the most exploitable attack vectors and effectively reduce the attack surface.

Asset decommissioning

Systematically control attack surface sprawl

“Hanging” assets and connections from various stages in the digital production pipeline (dev, pre-production, and QA) contribute to attack surface sprawl. These unattended and ungoverned assets are often the result of cloud migration, digital transformation, or M&A. Over time, these outdated environments may expose entry points to your organization or become a compliance risk by enabling direct access to sensitive data. Reducing the attack surface starts with identifying unmanaged assets. 

IONIX automatically identifies, scans, and monitors all of your organization’s assets – specifically identifying markers of disuse (like unlinked assets, old protocols and platforms, end-of-life software components, and expired certificates) – and provides prioritized recommendations for minimizing your attack surface by decommissioning old resources.


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