Control Subsidiary Risk


Discover your subsidiaries’ real attack surface and digital supply chain – empower local teams to reduce cyber risk and improve security posture


Datasheet: IONIX Attack Surface Management

Subsidiary attack surface management

Centralize oversight, localize management

Enterprises often scale and accelerate business through acquisitions or organizational restructuring. These business changes create an increasingly complex and fragmented attack surface with diverse environments and security gaps. As a result, corporate security operation centers (SOC) struggle to gain visibility, control risk, and enforce security hygiene standards.

With IONIX, complex enterprises can simplify attack surface management and accelerate risk remediation. They can improve the organization’s security posture – across business units, subsidiaries, diverse IT stacks, and teams with varying cybersecurity skills.

Centralize security oversight

Manage all subsidiaries’ cyber risk with one platform 

IONIX discovers the real attack surface and the digital supply chain of every subsidiary across your organization. The platform automatically attributes each asset to the relevant subsidiary or business owner – across on-premises, cloud infrastructure, managed services, and 3rd party platforms. 

IONIX provides the CISO’s security team with the risk visibility and management tools they needs to oversee local security operations, identify risks, and unify security standards.

Local attack surface management

Empower local teams to proactively prevent attacks

IONIX provides each subsidiary with the widest coverage of their attack surface and its digital supply chain. We enable laser focus on the exploitable risks that matter most – from automated discovery, attribution, and assessment, to multi-layered prioritization and accelerated remediation. With clear action items, local security teams with any level of expertise can quickly remediate critical risks and prevent attacks before they happen.


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