Why Ionix

Attack surface management Redefined

With Connective Intelligence, IONIX goes further to discover and secure your real attack surface and its digital supply chain.


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Your real attack surface

What’s the attacker’s point of view?

IONIX was founded on a unique insight into the nature of cybersecurity risk. The idea is simple, but powerful. While organizations focus only on assets they own – the reality is that ownership is irrelevant to threat actors. They seek a vulnerability that provides an attack vector into your environment, whether it’s attacking your internet-facing asset directly, or exploiting your exposed digital supply chain connection.

Today 20% of exploitable attack surface risks originate in the digital supply chain. As enterprises become increasingly reliant on third party web services, vendors, and platforms – their digital supply chain grows, and so does their risk.

The IONIX difference

Go further to secure your real attack surface

IONIX was built on the premise that the increasingly interwoven nature of the digital supply chain demands a radically different approach to threat protection. It must identify the sprawling network of dependencies on the same level as an organization’s other assets – and separate signal from noise.

With our patented Connective Intelligence, organizations uncover their internet-facing assets, and their digital supply chain. Without this extended coverage, security teams are operating in the dark – since 20% of an enterprise’s exploitable risks stem from digital supply chain risks. 
Connective Intelligence

Go further with IONIX Connective Intelligence

IONIX Connective Intelligence is the underlying technology powering our Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform. Connective Intelligence drives attack surface discovery, risk assessment, risk prioritization, and automatic protection. At its foundation is an attack surface model that maps and contextualizes assets and connections. We go beyond discrete assets to analyze attack paths and the extent of your online risk exposure. With Connective Intelligence, you can go further to:

  • Dynamically map your real attack surface and its digital supply chain, discovering more assets and minimizing of false positives.
  • Automate the identification of the riskiest connections and apply Active Protection to prevent attacks before they happen.
  • Evaluate attack paths – originating in digital supply chain assets you neither own or control – posing an immediate attack risk to your IT infrastructure.
  • Understand blast radius and operational impact based on each asset’s inter-connectivity and dependencies.


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