Attack Surface Discovery

See your real attack surface The way attackers do

Gain unmatched visibility into all internet-facing assets – and the entire digital supply chain – with IONIX’s patented discovery engine.


Datasheet: IONIX Discovery Evidence

Product Highlights


Discover all that matters

IONIX’S Connection Intelligence maps the entire attack surface and its digital supply chain.

Monitor your changing attack surface

Get real-time visibility into your ever-evolving attack surface.

More assets. Less noise

Ensure you’re looking at everything that matters – and nothing that doesn’t.

Extended Discovery

Discover all that matters

IONIX’s multi-layered discovery engine creates a comprehensive inventory of your organization from the attacker point of view – including the 20+% of the exploitable attack surface from your digital supply chain:

  • Machine learning
    Discover all of your domains, subdomains, and IPs.
  • Connection Intelligence
    Map connections in web, DNS, SaaS, and IP.
  • Global event tracking
    Monitor global PKI and domain registration.
  • Reverse indexing
    For domains, IP blocks, and cloud platforms.
Multi-Factor Attribution

More assets. Less noise.

False positives mean wasted time and money. Using machine learning, IONIX multi-factor asset attribution avoids noisy false positives. By effectively identifying true organizational assets and eliminating irrelevant ones, IONIX provides organizations with a more accurate, efficient, and secure method of managing their attack surface.

discovery confidence level
Automated Scans

Monitor your changing attack surface

Your attack surface is constantly evolving as infrastructure elements are spun up and decommissioned. IONIX represents your attack surface using a dynamic, graph-based data model – with nodes and dependencies that are continuously updated, and an ever-evolving set of potential kill chains evaluated.