Risk Assessment

Expose risks in context at scale

Continuously monitor your entire attack surface with a multi-layered risk assessment that identifies threats – before they’re exploited. 


Datasheet: IONIX Attack Surface Management

Product Highlights


Identify risky connections

Identify risks posed to your assets by their connected digital supply chains.

Expose threats across your real attack surface

Scan every asset and connection with a multi-layered risk evaluation.

Quantify your attack surface risk

Track progress and communicate with decision makers using risk assessment scores.

Recursive Assessment

Identify risky connections

Using patented Connective Intelligence, IONIX’s risk assessment extends recursively from your own assets to your digital supply chain. Only IONIX evaluates across the “new normal” of connected assets, including DNS chains, 3rd party web services, and external dependencies.

Scan All Assets

Expose threats across your real attack surface

IONIX runs a deep evaluation for risk assessment tailored to each asset’s type – automated at scale across your entire environment. Web applications are monitored for unsecured HTTP headers, which expose the website to exploits like clickjacking and cross-site attacks. DNS records are scanned for configuration vulnerabilities that may be exploited for asset abuse or rogue mail server hijacking.

Risk Scores

Quantify your attack surface risk

IONIX makes it easy for CISOs to conduct comprehensive risk assessments, understand their security posture, start programs, and track progress over time. It provides a top-level view of digital attack surface risk to help them make strategic decisions

  • Quantify attack surface risk across key categories
  • Track and improve risk posture over time.
  • Guide strategic security initiatives
  • Communicate effectively with decision makers