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Surfing the ASM Wave – Thoughts from IONIX’s Newly Appointed CEO, Marc Gaffan

Marc Gaffan
January 11th, 2023
IONIX Attack Surface Management CEO

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Nethanel Gelernter and taking on the CEO role at IONIX (formerly Cyberpion).  

Several months ago, Liran Grinberg introduced me to IONIX to explore the possibility of joining the Board and helping the leadership team take the company to its next level of growth. Following great conversations with Nethanel, and existing investors Nathan Shuchami from Hyperwise and Jacques Benkoski, USVP General Partner (Israel), it was an easy decision to join IONIX as Executive Chairman in late Q3 2022.  

I once heard a friend say that startups are like wave surfing. You get on your board, paddle into the ocean, identify a big wave coming your way, and ride it. If you miss the wave, you’ll never catch it, and you’re better off waiting for the next one.   

There is a big wave formulating on the horizon which is the challenge organizations are facing in managing their Attack Surface. Every organization today, large or small, is in a digital transformation race, struggling to keep track of their IT assets and the cyber risks they represent. Furthermore, the attack surface now includes vendors and suppliers, making it very complex to manage and protect. 

I’m joining at a time when Nethanel and the team have built a truly innovative and differentiated platform that is ready to ride this wave. By becoming CTO and focusing his considerable energies and talents on customer success and product differentiation, IONIX will remain the leading edge of innovation in the EASM market. 

The company ended 2022 with tremendous momentum by growing our ARR by 250% and landing some of the biggest names in the financial, insurance, automotive, and energy sectors. Security leaders have made it a priority to be more proactive with their security and are increasingly looking at their External Attack Surface as a great place to start.  

Nethanel and the entire IONIX team have built unique technology that helps organizations take a proactive approach to securing their attack surface by continuously identifying all their assets, assessing their risks, and quickly remediating any security gaps before the attackers can exploit them.  

It is now Scale-Time for IONIX, and I couldn’t be more excited to join this amazing team in this hot space to see how far we can ride this wave.  


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