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External Attack Surface Management Pioneer IONIX Achieves over 250% Revenue Growth in 2021

Tally Netzer
February 7th, 2022
Cyberpion growth

Marked success in global sales with Fortune 1000 companies due to innovative technology; Plans to further accelerate growth with strategic global partnerships 

KIRKLAND, Wash. and TEL AVIV, Israel, February 7, 2022 – IONIX, a cybersecurity pioneer in external attack surface management (EASM), announced today that it has attained over 250% revenue growth, and has doubled its headcount over the last 12 months. The company increased its new customers by 150% over 2020 with its entry into new markets such as the UK, Europe and Latin America. In addition, the company’s penetration into new verticals has demonstrated increased awareness and understanding of digital supply chain risk, particularly across cybersecurity, BFI (banking, finance and insurance) and government, where external attack surface management is most utilized. 

IONIX’s 96% customer retention year-on-year underlines that more enterprises are recognizing the value of mitigating threats that infiltrate their networks far beyond the traditional perimeter.  

Rene Rindermann, CISO at leading European energy supplier E.ON commented, “After working with IONIX for over a year, we are confident that its Ecosystem Security platform gives us the critical visibility we need to solve the difficult challenge of managing the risks and vulnerabilities in our digital supply chain.” 

“IONIX was an absolutely amazing discovery – the platform helped us find the applications, infrastructure and the associated vulnerabilities we needed to catapult our vulnerability management program ahead of the leading edge of corporate growth,” said Cameron Kownack, Incident Response Analyst at Grand Canyon Education. “We have since protected many information assets, informed by the reporting from IONIX’s dashboard.” 

Our stellar results over the last 12 months illustrate the growth and maturity of external attack surface management as a cybersecurity sector, underpinned by our growing customer awareness and engagement across the globe. We’d like to thank our customers and partners who have played a role in establishing our offering and unique positioning,” said IONIX cofounder and CEO Dr. Nethanel Gelernter. “With over 90% conversion rate from PoV, our customers are validating that our timely and unique approach for discovering and cataloging third-party assets is the most sophisticated and effective on the market. Throughout 2022, we’re continuing our recruitment drive to extend our go-to-market strategy and further advance our platform to help organizations better understand their external attack surface and mitigate damage caused by the growing number of digital supply chain attacks. 

Following the launch of IONIX’s channel program early last year, the company has quadrupled the number of partners globally, including furthering  the development in the US via Consortium, plus additions in Europe with TCSS (DACH) and Lantech Longwave (Italy), MODSEC (UK), Itway (Israel), alongside outreach in LATAM.  

“Business created through our channel partners now accounts for about 25% of our ARR and we’re aiming for this to increase to around 75% by the end of this year,” says IONIX cofounder and CBO Ran Nahmias. “Using our unique GTM process of “Ecosystem Risk Disclosure” both for existing and prospective customers, our partners are averaging their first win within three months from onboarding. During Q1 2022, we’ll be launching a dedicated partner portal to facilitate simple and swift deal registration, offer enablement and sales resources, and drive overall engagement.” 

 IONIX won a number of awards during 2021 including: 

  •  2021 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing  
  •  ASTORS 2021 Homeland Awards – Platinum Award for Best Network Security Solution and Gold Award for Best Vulnerability Management 
  •  Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards 2022 – Gold Winner for Best Security Software (New or Updated version) 
  •  Cybersecurity Excellence Awards – Gold Winner for Cloud Based Product of the Year 

Enterprises expose themselves, their employees and their customers to a myriad of technology partners and third-party online solutions when they add functionality to their online presence to improve operations and serve their customers. In turn, each of these partners is exposed to its own third-party IT assets and infrastructures, creating an ever-expanding attack surface for the enterprise that is uniquely appealing to hackers, and extremely complicated for enterprises to manage securely.  

Hackers are finding it easier to take over or exploit the vulnerabilities in third-party assets in order to carry out attacks such as malicious code injection (Magecart-style attacks), DNS hijacks, or abusing the branded assets of an enterprise. These breaches ultimately lead to data loss, brand reputation damage, and stolen customer data for the enterprise. 

IONIX’s platform continuously performs discovery and vulnerability assessments on the entire ecosystem to build a comprehensive, up-to-date, prioritized and actionable vulnerability inventory. This provides security teams with clear indications of what threats are the highest priority, and which actions should be taken to neutralize threats and resolve the vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.  

About IONIX 

IONIX solves the rising cybersecurity challenge of understanding the risks and vulnerabilities of your connected online assets that form an external attack surface. Knowing how your organization is vulnerable, where those threats come from, and what infrastructures are at risk, is critical to preventing an attack. IONIX helps organizations mitigate these advanced threats by continuously monitoring, discovering, and assessing the threat vectors present throughout online ecosystems that exist outside the traditional security perimeter. With an R&D team based in Israel, the company is funded by leading cybersecurity venture capitalists. To learn more, visit ionix.com. 

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