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Derived full value of spend, immediately

No impact on technical staff

Reduced MTTR to effectively reduce risk

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Efficient cyber risk reduction


Effectively reduce risk and scale operational efficiency across hybrid IT environments and teams

Securing Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group (WMG) is a leading multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate, with its headquarters situated in New York City. With a presence in over 50 countries and a workforce of over 3,500, WMG is a powerhouse in the global music industry.

With over 250 professionals working across six continents, WMG’s Global Cloud, Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity team provides engineering and operations to ensure services run without a hitch. Their wide-ranging responsibilities include Cloud, Change, Enterprise, Infrastructure, Network, Service Delivery, and Cybersecurity.

“It’s rare to find a cybersecurity solution that delivers almost immediate time to value with no impact on technical staffing. But that’s exactly what IONIX delivered.”

John Remo
SVP Global Cloud / Infrastructure & Cybersecurity at WMG

Scaling Operations, and Reducing Risk

WMG Security Operations


Security operations is all about aligning the tools and processes with the business game plan. In today’s economic climate, however, justifying new spend must be correlated with the time and resources need to derive the full value. That’s where the IONIX Attack Surface Management Platform was able to shine.

“Security is everyone’s job. There’s no exemption regardless of your role within a tech organization. With IONIX Attack Surface Management discovery, prioritization, and workflows, we’ve gained cross-team visibility and simplified collaboration.”

John Remo

With Ionix, WMG Coul Effectively Address Their Strategic Concerns

Growing need for effective and efficient solutions that can deliver value fast and with fewer resources in the current economic climate.

Operating with a fast moving, cloud-first strategy, combined with the hybrid reality of existing infrastructure and services.

Securing the ongoing and expanded internet exposure required to support the company’s remote and global workforce.

Promoting collaboration across different teams as a business and security imperative.

Immediate Time to Value

During the initial proof-of-value phase of their evaluation, WMG was impressed with the depth, breadth, and quality of the Attack Surface Risk Report generated by the IONIX platform and the key findings. Moving into deployment required just 5 days and had no impact on WMG’s technical staff.

“Our team’s mission is to re-invent technology engineering and operations to deliver value to internal and external clients; enabling revenue growth, scaling operational efficiency, and reducing risk.”

John Remo

Widest Attack Surface Visibility With Ionix

WMG gained the most comprehensive attacker’s view with IONIX’s ASM SaaS platform. This includes their entire hybrid IT landscape: from internet exposed assets to their digital supply chains across network, cloud, on-premises, web applications, managed platforms, and SaaS. With IONIX’s attack surface management platform, WMG has up-to-date risk visibility of their dynamically changing attack surface.

“IONIX ASM automatically discovers, assesses, and prioritizes our attack surface risks, so our teams can focus on remediating the most critical risks, first. By providing prioritized action items, and not noisy alerts, IONIX helped us accelerate our mean time to resolution (MTTR) and effectively reduce risk.”

John Remo

Reducing Noise and Accelerating Remediation

IONIX became the go-to security platform for WMG’s Global Cloud, Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity teams. Multi-layered prioritization combined with clear action items helped each team focus on their critical risks and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR). The platform’s risk scores help the team with strategic planning and effective communication with executive stakeholders.


  • Derived full value of spend, immediately
  • No impact on technical staff
  • Improved visibility across legacy and new IT stacks
  • Reduced MTTR to effectively reduce Risk
  • Simplified and accelerated collaboration