Navigating the Complexities of Digital Security

The digital landscape has become increasingly complex, with every service and platform depending on a myriad of digital supply chains.

The digital supply chain refers to the chain of third-party digital tools, services, and infrastructure that are depended on for a particular first-party service (such as a website or SaaS platform).

In an ever-changing digital landscape, supply chains can be brittle with many unseen risks.

Our latest e-book on digital supply chain attacks offers an exploration of four common digital supply chain attacks:

  • Magecart: Web skimming malware targeting eCommerce sites to steal sensitive data.
  • Asset Hijacking: Exploiting infrastructure vulnerabilities to host malicious content.
  • Mail Hijacking: Compromising email servers to send phishing emails and steal information.
  • Nameserver Hijacking: Taking over DNS servers to redirect traffic and intercept data.

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