Attack Surface Protection Series Webinar

The State of Fortune 500 Attack Surface Threats

In our 2022 research, we discovered 148,000 critical vulnerabilities across Fortune 500 organizations. Security leaders face an onslaught of vulnerabilities. In 2021 alone, 18,378 new vulnerabilities were reported. As enterprises become increasingly hyper-connected and internet facing, the expanding attack surface is a top security concern.

IONIX Chief Product Officer Michael Groskop discusses our findings in detail at this IONIX Attack Surface Protection Series webinar, recorded Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

Watch and learn:

  • Insights on leading exposures and risks
  • Lessons in Attack Surface Management from Leading Enterprises
  • Effective strategies for proactive vulnerability management

About the speaker:

Michael Groskop, Chief Product Officer at IONIX, is in charge of leading the product strategy of IONIX’s EASM platform. Prior to joining IONIX, Groskop was VP Product Management Portfolio at Radware, and has held a variety of senior software management roles at Protegrity and Kavado.

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