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IONIX Wins 2023 Gold Globee® Award for Best Security Software

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April 25th, 2023

IONIX has won a Gold Globee® Cybersecurity Award for Best Security Software for its ASM platform. The 19th Annual 2023 Globee® Cybersecurity Awards honor achievements and recognitions in the cyber and digital security industry worldwide. 

Using Connective Intelligence, IONIX accurately maps an organization’s real attack surface and its subsidiaries’ attack surface. Discovering more organizational assets than any other provider, IONIX delivers unmatched capabilities for proactively preventing attacks.

“No organization operates alone, which means we must be cognizant of the digital supply chain and the risks it introduces to organizations’ attack surface,” said Marc Gaffan, CEO, IONIX. “We are honored for this recognition of our ASM solution that is proven to help organizations reduce attack surface risk and accelerate remediation.”

IONIX Connective Intelligence technology leverages machine learning to discover and monitor every internet-facing asset and connection, delivering laser focus into the most critical risks to the business. IONIX goes further, enabling action by providing the tools to rapidly remediate exploitable threats and reduce attack surface risk. IONIX focuses on real risks by surfacing exploitable issues with large blast radius that require immediate attention. With less noise and fewer alerts, security teams can remediate what matters most, faster.

To see how security teams can effectively reduce their attack surface risk book a demo here:  https://www.ionix.io/book-a-demo/ 

Learn more about the Globee Awards at https://globeeawards.com


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