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5 Buzziest Companies Heading to RSAC 2024 – Why You Should Watch Out For Them

Fara Hain
April 24th, 2024

April 24, 2024

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve at breakneck speed, industry professionals eagerly anticipate the RSA Conference as the leading event of the year, showcasing innovation, collaboration, and insight. Now in its 32nd year, the RSA Conference remains a pivotal event for the global cybersecurity community, offering a platform for thought leaders, practitioners, and solution providers to converge and tackle the most pressing challenges of the digital age.

Set to take place from May 6 – 9 at the renowned Moscone Center in San Diego, RSA Conference 2024 promises an unparalleled lineup of sessions, keynotes, and labs designed to empower cybersecurity professionals and equip them with the tools needed to safeguard organizations against emerging threats. 

Among the myriad of participants, there are five companies poised to make a significant impact at this year’s event:

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