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IONIX Wins Best Attack Surface Management (ASM) Solution in the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Tally Netzer
April 10th, 2023

IONIX Reveals and Reduces the Expanding Attack Surface and its Digital Supply Chains 

NEW YORK, NY –  April 4, 2023 – IONIX, the leader in Attack Surface Management, announced today that it has won the Best Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution award in the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards program for its Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform, powered by IONIX Connective Intelligence technology.

“We congratulate IONIX, formerly Cyberpion, for the recognition as an award winner in the Best Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution category of the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards,” said Holger Schulze, CEO of Cybersecurity Insiders and founder of the 600,000-member Information Security Community on LinkedIn, which organizes the 8th annual Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. “With over 800 entries in more than 300 award categories, the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards program is highly competitive. All winners reflect the very best in innovation and excellence in defending against today’s evolving cybersecurity threats.”

As an innovative External Attack Surface Management platform, IONIX solves the rising cybersecurity challenge of understanding the risks in the extended attack surface, including all internet facing assets and their digital supply chains. Knowing how an organization is vulnerable, where those threats come from, and what infrastructures are at risk, is critical to preventing an attack and strengthens an organization’s security posture. IONIX makes organizations aware of these vulnerabilities and helps mitigate them by continuously discovering, assessing, prioritizing, and accelerating remediation of the threat vectors present throughout online ecosystems that exist outside the traditional security perimeter.

IONIX’ platform, powered by Connected Intelligence technology, uses machine learning to continuously perform discovery and vulnerability assessments on all of the enterprise’s external-facing assets, connections and third-party platform dependencies far beyond the coverage of other security tools. Establishing a comprehensive, up-to-date, prioritized and actionable vulnerability inventory, the IONIX platform provides security teams with clear indications of high priority threats, and the actions that should be taken to resolve them before they can be exploited. 

Learn more about the IONIX External Attack Surface Management Platform.


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