Attack Surface Protection Series Webinar On Demand

The External Attack Surface & AI’s Role in Proactive Security

Recorded Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The enterprise perimeter is now a massively decentralized IT landscape characterized by large-scale adoption of cloud platforms, digital services, and an increasingly tangled digital supply chain.

Regulators are on the march as new threat actors emerge, exploiting increasingly sophisticated attack vectors to compromise organizations faster. The stakes have never been higher. The only way forward is with smart automation. By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, security teams can expose threats at the scope and complexity of their organization’s extended attack surface and proactively reduce the risk of successful attacks.

This webinar will examine: 

  • The new era of proactive security
  • Separating fact from fiction when it comes to the role of AI in proactive security
  • Smart automation in external attack surface management
  • The key elements of threat exposure in the extended attack surface

About the speakers:

Marc Gaffan, IONIX’s CEO, is a successful business leader and entrepreneur. With a focus on building and scaling companies, Marc has led startups to become industry leaders with thousands of worldwide customers. Marc has 20 years of Cybersecurity experience, most notably founding Incapsula, bringing it to $100M ARR and its acquisition by Imperva.

Rik Turner is a senior principal analyst in Omdia’s IT security and technology team, specializing in cybersecurity technology trends, IT security, compliance, and call recording. Rik has also worked in Omdia’s financial services technology team, with a specialization in capital markets technology. Prior to joining Informa (now Omdia), he worked as an IT journalist specializing in networking and security. He was also a foreign correspondent in Brazil, where he worked, among others, for the Financial Times and The Economist.

We hope you enjoy this informative session!

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