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Introducing IONIX’s Security Partner Program

Tally Netzer
May 11th, 2021
Introducing Cyberpion’s Security Partner Program

What Is An External Attack Surface?

While there has been no shortage of headlines regarding cybersecurity events for the past many years, the recent SolarWinds incident highlights the risks inherent in the digital supply chain. Organizations are at risk from many types of cyber attack – but perhaps the most insidious might come through their own connections. This is where external attack surface security represents a new, emerging opportunity for security minded channel partners.

How IONIX Helps Your Customers

Partners have assisted customers with penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and other associated services for many years, probing targets for areas of risk. IONIX’s platform enables partners to identify and address their customer’s risk of attack from within their entire attack surface by providing continuous discovery, assessment and mitigation of vulnerabilities. The platform performs two primary types of discovery – from the enterprise/perimeter out and from the internet in.

Most partners are familiar with solutions that provide risk scoring – IONIX extends a security teams visibility beyond beyond simple risk scoring based on volunteered information and the discovered assets of 1st degree connections.

External attack surface security, as delivered by IONIX, discovers and records the full digital supply chain by iteratively working through the connections of the customer organization. Secondly, the factors that the solution uses to determine the riskiness, or likelihood of being hacked, provide a robust and actionable rank-order of vulnerabilities found within that digital supply chain.

How IONIX Helps Our Partners Succeed

External attack surface security is a natural extension of the security assessment and remediation services our partners offer today. Awareness of digital supply chain risk is rapidly increasing which means your customers are very likely interested in hearing more.

IONIX’s Partners Program helps our partners excel at delivering that awareness to their customers by providing:

  • Partners are able to deliver to their prospects a high-level report that indicates areas of concern and key findings. Armed with this information, partners can have a very specific conversation on attack surface security with their customer.
  • Need us to join the call to help out? We’d be delighted. Early returns on the Risk Discovery Program are good – we’ve found partner customers that have serious exposure that should be remediated right away, and we’ve found customers that are in good shape. Our goal is to lower your cost of sale by helping you find great prospects without a lot of wasted effort on your part.

Engaging With IONIX Creates Opportunities For Our Partners

We’ve designed the IONIX program with our partners’ economics in mind. The Risk Discovery program helps you find great prospects and offers exclusive deal registration protects your customer relationships.

Interested in recurring revenue? (and who isn’t?) Create your own mitigation services offering to go along with the product subscription. Cyberpion doesn’t compete with partners on their services offering, in fact we’ll help you develop them!

Want to learn more?

Tell us a little about yourself & we’ll be happy to engage:

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