What is Cyberpion?

Cyberpion was the original name for IONIX. This page was created to chronicle the company’s history before its rebranding. 

Founded in 2016 — five years before External Attack Surface Management (EASM) emerged as a cybersecurity category — Cyberpion is a pioneer in the attack surface management space. The company was built on a unique perspective and the need for a radically different approach to threat protection: Today’s growing digital attack surface demands continuous discovery of your company’s internet-facing assets, their connected digital supply chains, and shadow IT, coupled with tools to identify the most urgent and critical risks without burdening your cybersecurity team with false positives.

In March 2023, Cyberpion rebranded as IONIX. Read on to learn more about Cyberpion’s unique approach to threat protection, the company’s history, our founding team, and how we continue to help organizations take control of their real attack surface.

What is Cyberpion? An Overview

Cyberpion was founded on a unique insight into the nature of cybersecurity risk. It’s a simple, yet powerful concept: Despite the significant time analysts and cybersecurity leaders spend classifying assets for risk management purposes, it’s all the same to threat actors. It makes no difference to threat actors if they’re attacking your organization directly via an internet-facing asset or if they’re exploiting a vulnerability through a third-party digital supply chain partner to gain access to your systems and sensitive data.

The digital supply chain is increasingly interwoven. The attack surface is expanding with increased use of cloud platforms, CDNs, and the growth of shadow IT. This dynamic expansion demands continuous discovery of both known and unknown assets rather than monitoring only what’s known.

Cyberpion goes further to provide greater visibility not only into risks in your internet facing assets but also  into risks throughout the digital supply chain.  The latter risks are overlooked by  traditional attack surface management solutions. However, to threat actors they are just as appealing especially if they provide an easy attack vector. That’s why Cyberpion was built to go further empowering companies to:

    • Eliminate attack vectors by covering the 20% of exploitable risks that stem from the digital supply chain

    • Maintain continuous visibility into the digital supply chain with attack surface mapping

    • Separate signal from noise by leveraging Connective Intelligence and machine learning to eliminate false positives that contribute to alert fatigue

Cyberpion’s History

Cyberpion was founded in 2016 with headquarters based in Tel Aviv, Israel, where the research and development team is based, and in Kirkland, WA.

Cyberpion is backed by U.S. Venture Partners, Team8 Capital, and Hyperwise Ventures. Bootstrapped for its first four years, in 2020, Cyberpion raised $8.25 million in seed funding co-led by Team8 Ventures and Hyperwise Ventures. Several angel investors participated in the seed round, including Giora Yaron.

In 2021, Gartner recognized the company in its Emerging Technologies Vendors list in the external attack surface management (EASM) security category. Also in 2021, Business Intelligence Group awarded the company a 2021 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing in their annual business award program.

In 2022, IONIX raised $27 million in a Series A funding round, bringing the total raised to $35.3 million. The Series A funding round was led by U.S. Venture Partners, with participation from existing investors Team8 Capital and Hyperwise Ventures.

Cyberpion’s Founding Team and Executive Leadership

Dr. Nethanel Gelernter founded Cyberpion in with co-founder Ori Engelberg. Gelernter originally served as the company’s CEO, and Engelberg served as VP of R&D.

In January 2023, the company named Marc Gaffan as Chief Executive Officer, while Dr. Nethanel Gelernter (previously CEO) moved to the Chief Technology Office (CTO) role to focus on scaling Cyberpion’s EASM platform and accelerating innovation. Doron Gill was named Vice President of Engineering, and Ido Samson joined the executive team as Chief Revenue Officer.

Today, the executive team also includes Dana Daniel, CFO and COO, Michael Groskop, CPO, and Yair Hoffman, VP Data Engineering. Engelberg, initially VP of R&D, now holds the role of Chief Engineer. Liran Grinberg, Jacques Benkoski, and Nathan Shuchami serve on the board of directors.

Cyberpion’s Rebranding as IONIX

In March 2023, Cyberpion launched its new brand identity as IONIX to continue providing the widest coverage with the sharpest focus demanded by today’s complex threat landscape.

The name IONIX represents our radically different approach to protecting not only the growing attack surface but also its connected digital supply chain. Not only does IONIX identify often-overlooked vulnerabilities that threat actors are just as likely to exploit as obvious vulnerabilities in your organization’s owned assets, but it also separates the signal from the noise, empowering your team to focus on the most critical, exploitable risks without the alert fatigue caused by an endless stream of false positives.

IONIX actively maps the attack surface, discovering 50% more organizational assets than any other ASM provider. Unmatched tools, including patented Connective Intelligence and machine learning, help you focus on exploitable vulnerabilities and misconfigurations with the biggest blast radius, providing actionable remediation steps to guide your team.

Continuing Cyberpion’s mission, IONIX is poised to lead the attack surface management market with the most advanced solutions. Ready to take control of your real attack surface? Request discovery to discover your organization’s hidden risks.